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Breaking news: The 2019 completes from Wethepeople are here

Holy fork, the new BMX bikes from Wethepeople are awesome. Don’t miss out on the sickest completes, check them out here.

Photo by: Paul Robinson

We have been looking forward to sharing these crazy completes for a long time, and now it’s time.

Tag along as we look at an entry-level bike tailor-made for the smaller riders. A durable pro street bike based upon the most popular frame from Wethepeople, and last up the sickest complete with a switch drive system and the new Felix Prangenberg Signature sprocket.

A pro-level bike in a box

Photo by: Paul Robinson

The Battleship 20" 2019 Freestyle BMX Bike is centered around one of the company's best-selling street frames - the Battleship. And as the name of the bike suggests, this bike is strong.

Wethepeople has chosen to build the frame out of chromium steel and added hydroformed gussets to reinforce the construction even further. Hence, this frame is built to take all kind of beatings.

Photo by: Paul Robinson
Photo: Paul Robinson

With it’s 13” short chainstay length you get a super responsive bike, which makes it easier to do manuals and tricks such as 180s and 360s.

The Battleship does not only come with a freecoaster hub with sealed bearings, which will keep them running longer without maintenance, but also hub guards to keep your hubs and spokes safe during grinds.

The king of completes

Photo by: Paul Robinson

There’s no doubt about that, the Wethepeople Envy 20" Freestyle BMX bike is one of the sickest completes we’ve seen in a long time.

The Envy comes with the Wethepeople Supreme Hubs, Patron 25mm Invest Cast Fork, and the new Felix Prangenberg Signature 8mm thick Pathfinder Sprocket.

Photo by: Paul Robinson

Talking about sprockets, this bike has a switch drive system, which allows the hub to be flipped from right side to the left side drive, depending on your preferred grind side, so you don’t ruin the sprocket and chain.

You can see that the guys from Wethepeople have thought about every little detail with this bike. This also comes to show when you look at the rear wheel which has a female axle, which makes it more durable, especially when it comes to the stress factors from grinding on pegs.

A shredding machine

Why settle for less just because you’re a beginner? This is the philosophy behind the Nova 20" 2019 Freestyle BMX Bike.

This bike comes with the same solid 165mm 3-piece crank and fully integrated headset as some of the top models from Wethepeople.

This leaves you with maximal durability and quality for an entry-level price. Even the crank has closed bearings, which means less maintenance and wear & tear from dust, moist and gravel.

The Nova has a short 20" toptube, which makes it perfect for the smaller riders, who want a bike with the same feel and features as the pro level bikes.


Be sure to check the rest of the new 2019 collections of completes from Wethepeople right here

Photo by: Paul Robinson

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