Wohoo, Vans Park Series - here we come!

Next stop of the Vans Park Series Tour is Malmø, Sweden, so we are getting in the Skatepro van and drive off with some of our team riders. After all, we can’t miss one of the sickest skateboard events of the year.

Quite recently, in 2016, Vans started the Park terrain series to promote the skateboarding culture and establish ‘park’ as a legit discipline when competing.

Park, as Vans defines it for their World championship, is a transitional concrete 'pool-like' course with an added several 'vital park furniture' such as hips, extensions, spines etc. All in all, a competition which you don’t wanna miss!

As you can expect, we are talking about a lot of speed, beautiful flow, plenty of airtime, and impossible tricks. As it works, there are two paths to the Championship itself - becoming part of the VPS Pro Tour or taking part into the VPS Continental Championships.

The Pro tour consists of selected pro men and women skaters together with several challengers and a few wildcard athletes (only for the men tour). In the National and VPS Continental Championships, any skateboarder can shine through and compete if he/she meets the regional eligibility requirements. For more info on that, just visit the VPS webpage.

But enough talking for now; we are off this weekend to meet Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Tom Schaar, Kisa Nakamura, and the rest of the sick dudes touring with Vans, so stay posted for some insights.

If we got you pumped and you are ready to drop the bowl with a new deck, check out our boards at SkatePro.com.

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