Swedish freestyle BMX at its finest

Last weekend was epic for Swedish BMX as the Swedish Championship took place in Stockholm. Missed out? Don’t worry, we got a recap from one of the riders who had a lead role in it.

Photo by: Photo: Adam Klingeteg

The sun was shining from a crystal blue sky and the air was buzzing with anticipation as Sweden’s finest BMX riders showed up to compete at the Swedish Championship in Stockholm, which was the first major freestyle event to take place in more than 7 years.

Our SkatePro team rider Adrian Malmberg was one of the 58 riders to compete to be the best freestyle rider in Sweden.

Photo by: Adam Klingeteg

“It was super nice. Crews from all over the country showed up to either participate in the competition or just to be a part of the event. It was great to see everyone coming together to ride, talk and have fun. Besides that the weather was great, so this event couldn’t have been better” Adrian says.

Dirt, concrete, and street

One of the unique things about the Swedish Championship in freestyle was that it combined park, street, and dirt, into one big competition. Hence, the riders that would master all three disciplines would be the ones to take a place at the top of the podium.

Photo by: Adam Klingeteg

“I think it was a cool idea using really different spots. First, we met at the park, then we rode two street spots - first a plaza and then a more classic street spot. Last up, we went to a dirt track with 3 jumps. At the last spot, I got a flashback to 10 years ago when people used to ride dirt a lot more than they do today, where it’s more street” he says and adds:

“But the vibe was very unique I think. It felt more like a jam than a competition. There was music, your friends were there and at the last spot was also where the afterparty took place so people started to barbeque and drink a few beers”.

Photo by: Adam Klingeteg

Old school riders and young guns

For Adrian, the competition was also a good excuse for seeing both legends and new shooting stars.

“The age span was between 10 and 40. There were BMX legends that I haven’t seen ride for a long time. But there were also the young kids, and some of them had a really big potential, so for me, it was really motivating to see both the Old school riders and the youngsters”, he says and continues:

Photo by: Adam Klingeteg

“The BMX community in Sweden is not as big as the communities in Denmark and Germany but seeing an event like this and all the kids riding I really think that there is a growth potential. Especially if the Swedish Championship in freestyle could be an annual thing”

Adrian finished second, which he was very happy about. Want to follow Adrian Malmberg on more BMX adventures? Then click here to go to his Instagram.

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