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The top fashion quad-skates right now

Fashion roller skates are more popular than ever, and here at SkatePro we ship out hundreds of fashion roller skates every week. We took a look at four of our most selling roller skates right now. And there’s something for every style.

Roller skates are really fun to skate. They are more responsive than Inline-skates, and they have this retro feel that’s very popular right now. Usually, the brands have put a lot of effort into the design, and the four skates in this review are no exception. They really give you the opportunity to express your personal style - through your skates.

Chaya Fashion Purple

The Chaya purple fashion skate has some nice elements, that we usually only see in more expensive skates. Most eye-catching is the adjustable toe-stop, that’s pre-mounted in a good height which is suitable for most skaters. The wheels a quite big and soft, which provides a smooth ride even on more rough underlay.

It’s a bit narrow in the toe area but nothing alarming. This is the main reason why it doesn’t get an even higher comfort score.

“If I were to choose between these four skates, this would be my choice. I like the design from the Rio skate better, but the adjustable and reinforced toe-stop makes it an easy choice,” says one of our reviewers.

Rio Roller Script

This vegan-friendly, figure style skate with PVC leather construction is the design-favorite among our reviewers. Color matching cushions, wheels and tongue give it a unique look.

“The cushions are rather hard though, so when you become more experienced you will probably replace them with new ones. So if you want to keep the color coordination there is some work to be done to find matching cushions,” says one of our reviewers.

On the down site, our testers found the Rio skate to be very narrow, whereas it’s not the optimal choice for people with wide feet.

The toe-stop is non-adjustable and it’s placed very high which makes it a bit difficult to use the toe-stop as a break. Overall it’s a good beginner skate, for those who prioritize color and style.

Tempish Classic

The Tempish classic is the only skate in this review, that has an all alu-plate. It makes the skate very durable and stable. Most spectacular is the design of the padding inside the boot. It’s designed in a way that it holds the heel in place. A feature that’s usually seen in more expensive skates.

“Tempish has really upped their game with this classic skate. From the four skates we are reviewing today, this is actually my favorite. Both when it comes to design but also the overall impression,” says one of our reviewers.

The wheels are quite big and soft and equipped with ABEC-7 bearings, which makes them great for outdoor skating.

Again our reviewers agree on the fact, that the non-adjustable toe-stop is a minus in the overall experience.

Roces Classic

If you think of a classic side-by-side rollerskate, chances are that an inner picture of the Roces Classic will pop up. This skate has a minimalistic look - all black and white and is true to the retro look from the 1950´s. The Roces Classic is our most popular roller skates at the moment. It’s a great beginner skate but the reason for the popularity is mainly the low price combined with good quality.

The high ankle support combined with the hard cushions makes it very stable which is optimal for new skaters. It’s pretty wide in the boot, but can easily be tightened to fit everybody.

On the negative side, we have the fact that the Roces Classic is pretty hard in the materials. Combined with the small and hard wheels it might be difficult to skate for several hours in a row on rough asphalt.

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