The benefits of 110mm wheels

Big wheels are popular when it comes to rollerblading. Learn why in this article and the brand new Vlog from SkatePro team rider Anders Hauerholt.

In the last few years, we have seen more and more triskates like the Roces X35 rollerblades in the streets. Along with this new and popular kind of skates, 110mm and 125mm wheels, have also made their entry into the inline skating scene.

It’s not without a reason that big inline skate wheels have become popular. They give you much more speed. The wheel is bigger, hence it can produce more energy and therefore it has a bigger potential to gain high speed than smaller wheels. The big wheels such as the 100mm, 110mm, and 125mm. also, keep their speed for a longer time.

This makes them a pure energy saver when it comes to maintaining speed - Something you want when you’re going for longer distances such as the Berlin Marathon.

No more uneven roads

If you ever had a pair of rollerskates on you might know that rough surfaces, twigs, gravel, and stones can be quite a hustle. But the good news is that wheels with a big diameter are able to go almost over any surface and obstacle and they will still provide you with a smooth ride.

In this video, Anders put his triskates to the test, as he races through Malaga, Spain on all kinds of surfaces and even gravel. Check out how it went in the video above.

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