BURTON goes old school!

We are about to stock up the new gear from Burton for this winter season, and it’s awesome! While sneak peeking into the ‘early X-mas gifts’ and the samples we bumped into the Burton Throwback for this season and we simply had to share the sheer joy!

It looks sleek, has clean lines and pretty design and most of all, it is one of the most fun boards you would ride! The Throwback is a tribute to the old Burton Backhill from way back in 1981 and is more of a surfboard than a snowboard (well, except you ride it on snow).

As an old-school board, the Throwback doesn’t have bindings or metal edges. Instead, it is equipped with a strong line and a wooden handle to help you with the control and balance. This makes it perfect for riding even in your backyard or in some fresh powder, but not on a very steep hill since the breaking might be tricky.

This board is genuinely made for having fun in the snow. It is not for the ski tracks in the resorts but rather for the hill next to the lodge you are staying at with your mates or for the backyard ‘mini snow park’ with the family.

In any case, you will be spending hours outside with a giant smile on your face and a tear in your eye for the good old times (even if you have never ridden the 80s boards)!

The Throwback for winter 2018/19 comes with a V-rocker for easier maneuvering, fiberglass for extra strength and FSC certified wood ply for the tree-hugger in you. You don’t need special snowboard boots or any bindings, just your regular winter boots.

Check it out at SkatePro.com and have a look at all the gear from Burton that arrived. If you are sick of the summer, you can even make your pre-orders and get ready for the winter season instead. In case you are that desperate to go for a ride, you can do as Burton's rider, Danny Davis above and get experimental with the Burton Throwback:

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