Hurry, few days left! Vote for DC Stubai Zoo setup!

For its 10-year anniversary, Austria's epic snow park DC Stubai Zoo is getting a face-lift, or actually a full makeover. Two ‘parties’ - the snowboard and the free ski party are fighting for your votes for the new setup of the park.

Yes, your park needs you! You have the power to decide which will be the new setup of the DC Stubai Zoo park until the 2nd September. So hurry up! Two teams, or actually, two ‘parties’: the SNBP (snowboarding) and the FSP (free ski) have worked hard to come up with two potential setups for the snow park.

In the SNBP you will find legends Ethan Morgan, Benny Urban, and Lorenzo Peeters, and the rad members of the FSP are Dennis Ranalter, Christof Schenk, and Laura Wallner. They released their setup blueprints and the debate started on the 20th August when the voting got open.

So go to the Stubai’s webpage and vote until the 2nd September for the new look of the DC Stubai Zoo. The ‘chosen one’ will be realized in time for the grand opening of the park on the 19th October.

Take a stand, cast your vote, gear up and get ready for a sick winter season! If you are missing something, we got you covered, check SkatePro.com!

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