Beaches, surf, yoga, and the state of flow

It’s been spoken about in sports magazines, research journals, and by athletes on the media - the state of flow. This moment when you achieve complete sync with your body and whatever you are doing just happens to stick perfectly, whether it’s a trick on your board, a yoga pose, or riding the perfect wave. Here is the evidence!

Astrid, our cinematography apprentice went on a month-long journey to Bali in search of the state of flow and she found it, together with so much more. Dive in her story, get inspired and keep on doing what you love because once you hit this spot where you are in the zone, magic happens!

Day 1: After 17 hours on a plane to Bali and an extra 30 minutes on a small, wiggling boat to Nusa Lembongan, Astrid arrives to the yoga camp where she will spend the next month. It looks like a piece of heaven and she pinches her arm, just in case, to check if it is all real.

The people she meets there are all friendly, adventurous and independent. Free and ready to explore but with the common goal of becoming yoga instructors and developing their businesses. This will, however, change soon enough.

Day 3: 13 hours a day, 13 hours of yoga training every day, that is the program. In the lunch break, Astrid spots three lonely iSUPs on the beach and decides to pay them the needed attention. And since they are three, would be a shame if two more don’t join. Two girls volunteer and then something happens.

It’s the water, nature 'happens' and the ultimate freedom comes. All three of them drift away, literally and metaphorically, in that state of flow: SUP, yoga and friendship, and the ultimate sense of belonging here and now. And since that day this would turn into the ‘lunch-break’ tradition.

Day 14: Some of the others already heard about the lunch-time, sweet escape and want to join. A few people rent some boards and together with ‘chief’ Astrid The Water Lily go for a surf session. This state of flow seems so easy to achieve in the water and appears to be ‘extremely contagious’.

Day 28: What used to be a group of different people with a common goal to develop their separate businesses, has now transformed into a community. A community built based on this point of balance and perfection, where your body and mind find their sense of purpose and everything works perfectly.

A group of friends already, who want to work together, with their various competencies, to develop and spread the state of flow. Who is responsible for this switch in their mindset? It is the water, nature, and the sport that brings you closer to them!

‘We are just kids playing in the ocean, simply enjoying, and the feeling of this freedom is magical! It gives you wings (or fins) and you can reach anything you want. This is the state of flow!’, shares Astrid.

Day 31: After another 17-hour plane ride, Astrid is back home. A better surfer, a better yoga instructor, and a better person - she reached it, she got in the flow, and moreover, became part of a community of dreamers.

She became part of a community of like-minded people who gradually united around the idea of doing something together, rather than focusing on their own ambitions. And the guilty of charge are the sport and nature, and the unity between those two with us.

So go explore, try and be adventurous, and you will reach your own state of flow! Dare to try and go the extra mile, not necessarily to Bali but devote to your sport. And if you need the gear, check our iSUPs at SkatePro ;)

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