The skateboarder paradise - Woodward West

Any young skater knows and dreams about Woodward West. Two of our team riders were lucky enough to make this dream come true, and we were lucky enough to hear about it.

Tom Keatman (13y.) and Jamie Manning (14y.) just came back from Woodward West - one of the Woodward Camps made for kids, youngsters and even young pro athletes who want to up their game. Woodward is the ultimate playground, training facility, skate park, or basically everything that a young skateboarder can dream of. It is not just a few days of camping and skateboarding, it is living day (and even night) with your board surrounded by like-minded people. But let's hear it from Tom and Jamie!

Well guys, welcome back. How awesome was it from 1 to 10?

Tom: On a scale of 1-10 it was number 11!

Jamie: 9

You should have expected this next one - why? Why do give that score?

Tom: Because I got to meet loads of new friends and I got to skate at Woodward! Also, it was my dream to go and my dream came true!

Jamie: You get to skate for about 12 hours a day in some of the world’s best skateparks, with all your friends, progressing and having loads of fun. I say 9 because there are quite a few rules and personally I think some of them are unnecessary.

First thing you did when you got to the camp?

Tom: Register and then find my cabin. I was lucky because I was with Jamie. Then we had our orientation tour and we got to skate that night when we had the induction and got our coaching.

Jamie: Same. I’ve also caught up with some friends I met previously since I had been to Woodward West before. Most of us were in the same cabin, which was awesome. Skate-wise we had to skate a park just to see what level group we would be put in for instruction. After that, the first trick I did was feeble the double set rail.

How did the program/plan look like from that point on and did you stick to it?

Tom: The plan for the week was awesome. We got to skate every day, and in the morning we were with our coaches. We did stick to the plan because it was already amazing!

Jamie: Pretty much, wake up at 8, eat breakfast, head to instruction, stretch and then skate. At 12:30h, eat lunch and then the rest of the day until 10 pm is free skate. And yes, we stuck to the plan - other than being late to instruction occasionally!

So what did you learn?

Tom: Back bigspins, back 180 switch 5-0’s, and backside overcrooks.

Jamie: I learned a lot of new tricks. The ones I’m most hyped on are switch front bigs, 3 shuvs and back bigs down gaps.

You really turned the skill up a notch. And what was the coolest thing on the camp?

Tom: Art Park - it had really cool features like a diy kicker, ledges, A-frame rail and flat bars.

Jamie: The Art Park. It is hands down the best park there - and one of the best, if not the best anywhere.

Feeling like a better skater?

Tom: Oh I do! I have learned tricks now that I can do down bigger stuff. Like my front crook.

Jamie: Surely! I’ve now accumulated more hours on my board and I learned so many new tricks. Skating so many hours every day, I feel like my consistency improved too.

So proud of you guys! Ok, final one so you can get back to skateboarding - Do you wanna go back?

Tom: Definitely!!!!!!!

Jamie: For sure. Every year. Once I’m 16, I want to start spending every summer working at Woodward.

Tom: I would like to thank some people though - Woodward gave me a scholarship of 50% and then Everybody Leisure gave me the other 50%, which meant that I could go. Without them I would not have been able to experience it so, thank you!

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