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Longboard crashes and hygge - King In The North 2018

At SkatePro, we are so proud to be sponsoring one of the coolest freeride/race longboard events this year - King In The North. What makes it special? It is more than just a race, much more!

Quite soon, on the 1st and 2nd September, you can take part in one of the coziest (or as the Danes say it, ‘hygge’) freeride and race longboarding events. Those categories are normally associated with high speed, full-body suits, and vicious turns and competition.

However, at King In The North, it not only about becoming first. It is also about being part of the community, feeling good, and having fun.

As our colleague Nicki Elgaard, who's part of the organization team and a race marshal for this year's event, puts it: “There are people coming from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland and so on, and I know each one of them! It is like a friends get-together who just go downhill with their longboards and then cozy up and party at the camp.”

Running for four years now, the event has gained some popularity and the number of visitors is constantly increasing. And even if you don’t race, you can just go and give the hill a try and join the funs.

So what you can expect is a bunch of new friends, a beautiful forest surrounding, warm sea water to dip in, and campfire with music.

Psst, and another little inside info from Nicki - last year, they got a bit of rain which, apparently, makes the race even more spectacular since quite a lot of the racers hit the haystacks (if you know what we mean). So he said, “There will be quite a lot of photo-friendly conditions”, with a sneaky wink.

It is definitely a must-go for all of you who enjoy longboarding and especially downhill/race. The vibe around the Vejle forest and fjord is absolutely charming and screams “hygge” so just go and check it out.

If you need more information, check the poster right under or visit the Facebook page for the event. And if you need to gear up, go to our SkatePro website. Keep on riding and let the longboarding begin!

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