Street art and skateboards - the perfect combo

We recently got some new decks from Element and once they got through the doors, we sent them out for a photo shoot. Why? Because there is so much more to a deck design than you think. And we got the evidence!

Ok, it’s not all decks. Some skateboards come with generic graphics created by in-house graphic designers (which doesn’t mean they cannot be sick). But others are simply a real piece of art, literally. Take those three babies here. Not only do they come with the best quality construction and wood but they also look insanely beautiful.

The Evan Astral Plane deck will blow your mind

This definitely isn’t just the next signature rider deck. It has a lot more than Evan Smith’s name on it. The graphics are created by Jonny Alexander, a famous Cali artist. Jonny focuses on portraying the various, multi-layered faces of nature and our human presence into it. His work blends the existence of nature and people in today’s society with their existence in a greater world, a higher universe (where normally skateboarding takes you).

This perfectly fits the profile of Evan Smith, whom we know as the space-head, wall-riding monster. Evan has this very specific, out-of-this-world style, an enigmatic presence and cosmic charm. And when it comes to skateboarding, he is clearly one of the hard-core riders who will always go all the way in. So this sick deck design perfectly matches the name on it.

P.S. If you think you’ve seen him somewhere quite recently, Smith is in the new season of King of the Road on team Element. And yes, he is the one that trashed Nyjah’s hotel room once and since then is on a prank-exchange roll with him.

The Keith Haring deck - flashback to the 80s

Haring is an iconic street artist from the 80s New York scene. He is simply a legend! His pop-art and graffiti can be found all over the world from the NY subways to wall murals in Melbourne. In 1986, he was asked by Checkpoint Charlie Museum to create a mural on the Berlin wall. The mural was 300-meter long with his recognized, chalk-outlined human figures intertwined on a yellow background.

Haring’s art appeared on plenty of political posters, commercials for big companies like Absolute vodka and Coca-Cola, and, of course, one of Madonna’s album covers (whom, by the way, was one of his close friends in the 80s). So this deck is definitely a piece of art and history!

Get lost in the amazing patterns of Conifer

This Element deck by Nicolai Sclater a.k.a Ornamental Conifer will get you properly mesmerized. Conifer is a big British artist famous for his hand-painted typography and patterns, smart jokes and humorous, controversial messages.

His art is super special since he combines his new-age graffiti background with traditional sign painting, where he uses the sign brushes and enamel paint. He puts his art on any object around, from walls to motorcycles, cars and, well, skateboard decks.

So don’t wait but grab your ‘designer’ deck. After all, as Conifer writes on one of his funky signs: ‘If you can’t join them, beat them’...with style and skill, of course, and keep riding.

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