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One of the best edits of 2017?

Most of Lasse Søltofts life has been circling around his freestyle BMX bike. His new 2017-edit is just out, and we sat down with him to have a chat about dedication, passion and the love for BMX.

“I went to that spot and tried 50 times to land it - but failed. Two days later I tried again and landed it after 20 attempts - Luckily we got it on tape.”

This quote underlines how dedicated and passionate BMX rider Lasse Søltoft is about his tricks and edits. The spot he talks about is at a gas station, where he jumps to a wallride, hangs mid-air and then wallrides another wall. You can see it 3 minutes and 35 seconds into the clip above.

The sequence is part of a new 2017-edit from Lasse Søltoft that we have recently posted on SkatePros facebook site and Youtube. The edit was very well received by the audience and even though it’s a long edit a lot of viewers watch it to the end.

“I’m very happy about that. Usually, when I make an edit, I take some highlights from one trip, make the edit and send it out. This time I wanted to take my best shots from an entire year to show my progression and development. So it’s great that people actually want to watch my stuff,” Lasse Søltoft says.

Days of planning

Sometimes he uses hours and even days to figure out which trick to perform at a particular spot.

“If it’s a spot in Denmark the planning period can be quite long. But if I'm out on a trip to for example Amsterdam or Barcelona I usually let the spots inspire me and improvise on the spot,” he says.

Lasse is 30 years old and originally started with race BMX when he was 13 years old but switched to freestyle when he turned 14. Since then, pretty much his entire life has circled around BMX. When he is not traveling the world looking for the perfect spots, he is a teacher at a boarding school where he teaches BMX, skateboarding and stunt scooter technique to teenagers.

There’s this sequence in the edit 2 minutes and 15 seconds in, where you ride around an oval architectural structure. It looks insane. What’s the story about that?

Photo by: Screenshot from Youtube

“It’s a spot in Amsterdam, and it was even scarier than it appears in the edit. Behind the structure, there’s a huge drop down to an underground parking lot. You need a lot of speed to get all the way around and to perform the jump in the end. If you pedal midway it just looks lame,” Lasse says.

The best experiences with BMX

When you spend 17 years performing a sport almost every day, it becomes part of your identity, and that is a fact, that Lasse is well aware of.

“My life has just shaped itself around BMX. I mean my job, my social life and my best travels are BMX-related. I still get that feeling of euphoria when I grab the grips on the handlebar. It’s actually kind of crazy after all these years, right?” he asks with a big smile on his face.

Traveling means a lot to Lasse, and it’s his favorite way of experiencing new cultures and locations. Unlike some travelers, he doesn’t rent a car or goes on organized sightseeing. Lasse always brings his bike and lets the spots and the local riders guide him.

“It’s great pedaling around a town like Barcelona with some locals and getting the feel of the town. I mean, a town like Barcelona is just built for BMX and skating, and I really love visiting and experiencing new parts of the town over and over again. Barcelona is my favorite town to visit, and some of my best BMX-memories are born here,” he says.

So, what is your favorite spot? Share your opinion with us on Facebook.

Photo by: Rune Bernt

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