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Becoming a champion - what does it take?

We had a quick interview with our wakeboard team rider Viktor who just became Danish champion and returned from the European championship. What does it take to reach the top?

The first time we spoke with Viktor Bøndergaard he was calm, humble, and even a bit shy. Now that he has become the Danish champion in wakeboarding again things have not changed at all. He is still humble, still very focused and straight to the point. Regardless of whether it comes to wakeboarding or any other sport, Viktor is the perfect example of what one should do to become one of the best.

So Viktor, how does it feel becoming the Danish champion again?

I am super happy to be the Danish champion again this year. It's something I have been fighting hard for so when it finally happens it is so great!

With winning comes also the responsibility. So what is up next? What is expected from you now?

The next step was the European Championship from which I actually just came back. I feel like it went pretty good and I’ve accomplished what I strived for.

And your own, personal goal is...?

My next, if you can say so, personal goal is to remain Danish champion next year in Junior and afterwards in Open men.

So even your personal goals are related solely to wakeboarding. Is that the secret to becoming the Danish champion then?

I don’t know if there is an actual secret to it but my best advice is to keep on fighting even though it is nasty to fall 100 times attempting one single trick. But then again, it is super sweet when you learn and can do it afterwards.

Any tips and trick from your preparation then?

The only thing I’d say is never to give up and keep on pushing yourself really to your limits if you want to get to the top.

Since August is almost gone, I get tempted to ask, what are you doing during the winter? Can you wake or is there something else that you practice in order to stay in shape?

In the winter I can’t wakeboard in Denmark so I use the dark, winter months to go to a physio to get my injuries fixed and become stronger in my body.

So definitely no time for a break in Viktor's schedule. All year long, summer or winter, he has his eyes fixed on his wakeboard on his goals. He tries, he falls, then he tries again and succeeds (and finally gets to the physio). But the point is that everything he does is focussed on progressing, on fighting through the falls, the injuries, and, oh well, the cold, dark Danish winter.

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