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Back to basics: The beauty and benefit of T-bars

The T-bar is back and it’s more popular than ever. But why has this scooter bar shape suddenly become a rider’s favorite again? Find out here.

Go to your favorite rider’s profile on Instagram or check out brands like Proto, Tilt, and UrbanArtt and you’ll quickly realize that T-bars are back in business big time. But what is it that all of a sudden has made this bar choice number one for so many riders out there?

We had a talk with our scooter expert and team rider Jonas Kjær.

Two schools

There are many reasons why the T-bar is making its way back again but there are many unknown factors. When we asked Jonas if he could give us an explanation, he pointed out a few things:

“Well, there is, of course, the whole fashion aspect of things, and the trend right now is that we are looking more for a retro feel and that people like to keep things simple, and the T-bar is as basic as things get”, says Jonas as adds.

“The American companies are known for making simple T-bars, which also reflects the street-inspired style of riding that the Americans are known for. On the other hand, a lot of the European brands like Ethic are more park inspired. They are more into making bars with cutouts and flashy and unique designs”

A wide grip

So what is the reason that T-bars are especially favored by street riders? According to Jonas, it’s all about the grip.

“It’s something about the style. In street, we like to have a broad grip, and a T-bar like the modern ones is very wide. But it has also something to do with the technique. It’s just easier to do tricks like a barspin with a T-bar” he says.

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