A BMX bike like no other

Stolen BMX produces both completes and parts that mix wild and sweet looking designs with sky-high quality.

This rider-owned brand has a simple mission: To supply the BMX community with freestyle bikes and parts that every average Joe can afford. And let us be the first to say that the company succeeded.

So keep scrolling down, and let us take you for a ride to check out some of the craziest BMX bikes you’ve ever seen.

Fresh collab

Let's start out with this crown jewel, the Stolen X Fiction 20” 2019 Freestyle BMX. This bike is for sure going to get you a few looks at your local skatepark or your favorite street spot. The guys from Stolen have teamed up with Fiction which makes some of the sickest aftermarket parts out there.

Copyright: Stolen BMX

The result is this camo-creation. With its hi-ten steel frame and sealed bearings, you’ll get a durable bike, which can take some serious thrashing. This bike is made to be versatile and will perform in the park and on the streets.

A sturdy classic

This model has been around for years and is a popular choice among riders all over the world. If you look at the spec list, you'll find out that The Stolen Casino 20" 2019 Freestyle BMX Bike is the closest you can come to a pro bike being on an amateur budget, thanks to its quality parts.

One of them is the Casino's frame, which is made of hi-ten steel, which gives you a very durable bike. Thanks to the geometry of the frame the Casino is a very versatile bike. And oh yeah, of course, Did we mention it just looks great.

The flagship is back

The Shinner bike was born back in 2007 and thanks to Stolen’s constant effort to deliver bikes with the newest BMX technology, this timeless ride is a true flagship. The newest addition to the bike is the Stolen “S-bend” chainstay which provides you with a better tire clearance.

Copyright: Stolen BMX

Furthermore, all bearings are sealed, which will keep them running longer without maintenance. They’re much better protected against dirt and water - something that you’ll encounter no matter if you are riding in the streets or the skate park.

The Stolen Sinner Freecoaster 20" Freestyle BMX bike is a winner bike in the word's true meaning loaded to the brim with the best aftermarket parts from Stolen and Fiction.

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