Perform better by learning not to focus on being number one

Winning mentality is important if you want to succeed. For some people, it can also have a negative effect on their performance. Find out how our team rider Felix Fälling became a better rider by not focusing on winning.

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When you ask Felix what he wants to achieve as a blader his answer is clear. He wants to be able to live of blading and travel around the globe. Last but not least, he wants to be the number one.

His dream is shared by many others out there. But to stand at the top of the podium, you need to win. This, of course, means that the pressure to perform your best is huge, something that had a negative effect on the young blader.

“I had some competitions, where I almost broke down because I didn’t land my final trick or messed up doing my run. I became so mad that I couldn’t concentrate on skating, and that meant I performed very bad. Sometimes I became so mad that I had to leave the skatepark. Luckily I’ve worked with my whole competition mentality, and it really paid off”, he says.

Have fun and enjoy yourself

So how did Felix manage to turn the boat around? Well according to himself it was all about finding the good things he gets out of blading and substituting it with all the pressure about delivering a top performance every time.

“Today I think to myself: I’m here to have fun to do what I love. It’s a bummer if I don’t perform my best, but the most important is to have a nice day. It might sound a little weird to think like that, but I can really feel that it has helped me to calm me down and make me perform better in general”, he says.

Felix points out that this philosophy has helped him not only with enjoying to be at competitions but it also helped him to evolve as a blader.

It has helped me to be more creative and develop a more personal style as a blader. Before I focused solely on doing tricks that gave a lot of points to win. Now I skate to make a show and to show off my own style. If the judges are more into technical tricks, well then I might get a 10th place, but I skate the way I love, regardless of the results”, he says.

Just you and your skates

Even though Felix has come a long way working with his mental attitude, he still gets nervous sometimes. This is also why he has a method to suppress the pressure and nervousness when he is at competitions.

Right before the competition or the last trick, I shut down. I don’t talk to anybody. I need to shut everything out. The same goes for the time before I have to do my last trick. It’s important for my performance to be able to get in the right mood” he says and continues.

“It helps me get into a certain state of mind. I’m in a place where I can see my skates and the ramps, and that’s it. It’s like as if I’m in a sort of a bubble, I don’t hear or see the things that surround me, I’m only paying attention to my skates. And it’s at times like this that you’ll skate as you’ve never done before."

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