School time - Get the books back on your back

The first day of school again! Some get ready with a smile, some...well, ain't that happy. In any case, it is important to properly gear up. First things first - the backpack.

For those of you who still haven't gotten into school mood and haven't managed to get a new backpack, fear no more! We got your back, literally! Here are some backpack suggestions that are really worth considering (psst, we also have a discount on them).

Herschel Heritage - never going out of fashion

The guys at Hershel manage to create designs that seem to go with everything you put on and at any time. Their backpacks simply don't go out of fashion. This backpack is perfect for both girls and guys, for school or out with your mates, and the quality will keep it fresh for years to come. Funky color combo, enough space, and even funkier inside - what else do you need?

Burton Tinder - vintage to a new level

Talking about colors, Birton Tinder's color pattern makes this backpack even more awesome. The vintage camo-look, combined with the classic Burton front locks just looks badass. Add to this a weight of only 0.8 kg and plenty of functional pockets and you got yourself a top-quality, looker there.

Dakine Duel - attach your 'vehicle'

If you plan to skate, longboard or, well, snowboard to school, this is the perfect backpack. Apart from the added straps where you can attach your ride, this backpack is armed with plenty of pockets (and space), including a thermo-isolated pocket for your lunchbox or a cold soda.

Douchebags The Scholar - keep it clean

If you are not a fan of all the pockets though but still want to grab your board on the way to school, we got the solution - Douchebags The Scholar backpack. With this clean design, Douchebags are focusing specifically on making it easy to carry your things around without much 'pocket' fuss.

Stay tuned for more suggestions for the school year gear. We are stocking up some cool Vans sneaks soon so, keep an eye out!

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