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The wheels bite back - Blood Orange’s in the house

Straight up from Santa Cruz, ladies and gents, we present you some of the best longboard wheels, Blood Orange. We got a full stock of them and they will be here to stay!

Blood Orange has been on the market since 2010 and for those 8 years, the guys managed to establish themselves as one of the best longboard wheels’ brand. The secret - fast, smooth, perfect control, and, of course, pure urethane.

Without going too geeky on chemical formulas, we can simply say that Blood Orange uses only the highest quality urethane for both their street wheels and the freestyle/freeride/downhill softer wheels. All in all, perfect wheels for all round longboarding.

The Street Series comes in 99A hardness and several sizes. You can choose between conical ones, which are super responsive, or rounded street wheel which will give you more stability and control.

Ahh, and then our favorites, the Pastel Pro Series. Not only a sweet wheel to ride but also sweet colors to look at (we feel like having some candy just by looking at those). Apart from the good-looks though, the Morgan Pro Series also got the ‘brains’, or at least the good performance nailed. Check out what magic you can do with them (hands up to Hans Wouters)!

Skateboarding and longboarding are blurring the lines between disciplines more and more. This might be a challenge when picking the right wheels but the granulated formula of the Morgan Pro Series will get you covered from the streets to the hills. And for those of you who really get up high on them hills in search for high speed - Blood Orange made a special Alpine edition of the Pro wheels. So gear up, put those babies on and get ready for one of the best rides.

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