The Douchebags: More than just luggage

The massively hyped Douchebags brand just released a new version of their extremely successful Jon Olsson camo series. This time it’s a black camo version inspired by the m90 camo pattern from the Swedish military. Once again it’s produced in limited amounts. Still in doubt why you should get one! Check out the whole range for The Black Camo series here.

Looking for a functional, great looking and durable bag to transport your stuff to school or work? The scholar from Douchebags has a 15L room for your laptop and books, and with the adjustable buckle straps, you can easily carry your skateboard or a jacket.

Heading out on new adventures somewhere around this amazing globe? The Little Bastard keeps your gear safe when you’re traveling. It’s not only durable but also easy to handle. Furthermore, it features the unique and intelligent hook-up system from Douchebags, which gives you the possibility to use several DB bags together at once - a nice feature when you’re on the go.

Planning on hitting the fresh powder snow soon? Then check out the bag that started it all - The Douchebag, the world’s lightest, length adjustable and fully compressible wheeled ski bag. This bag fits both snowboards and skis and features the hook-up system. Add The Hugger bag onto The Douchebag and boom - you got a single unit that can both store your ski gear and clothing.

Judged by the success among customers worldwide, the award-winning Scandinavian company has reached its goal - and it’s not without reason. These bags are made to be used, and this is also why all the bags from Douchebags is waterproof and why the company offers you a two-year warranty on all of their bags.

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