Racing to become the champion of Europe

History will be made this weekend in Glasgow as the European Cycling Championships in four different disciplines will take place simultaneously for the first time ever. One of them is Race BMX where our team rider Simone T. Christensen is racing for a medal.

Simone is ready to defend her title as the third fastest women in Europe. Despite an injury-plagued winter and spring, she showed that she is back when she finished in the top five at the 2018 UCI BMX World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“I’m in pretty good shape and have managed to stay free of injuries for some time now, which allowed me to have a lot of great training sessions. It’s great to be able to race and practice without any pain”, Simone laughs and adds.

“I’ve focused on having some quality sessions. Furthermore, I’ve used a lot of time on training on my starts or snaps as it’s called. It’s really an advantage when they are second nature - You don’t need to think about it, you just do it. It helped me a lot at the World Championships in Baku, so I hope that I can repeat the success”.

Tough competition

So she’s ready and back in shape, but what are the expectations for this year’s European Championships?

“I won a bronze medal last year, so I would like to take home a medal from Glasgow as well, especially because I feel really fast right now. But the level among the other riders is very high. The top three at the World Championships were from Europe, so the competition is going to be tough” she says.

Even though the technical level is high and the opponents fast, Simone points out that everything is open thanks to the track at the European Championships.

“It’s brand new, so nobody has tried to race on it before, which means that nobody had time to get to know it, which makes it fun and challenging to ride. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen of it, it really looks like it requires a high technical level, which is an advantage for me”, she says.

Follow Simone at the European Championships in Glasgow on her Instagram right here.

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