Keep your feet happy: Things you need to know before breaking in your new skates

Check out this short article and avoid blisters and sore feet when you’re breaking in your new rollerblades.

Getting a new pair of skates is just about the best feeling in the world - The only thing that you want to do is to strap them on and skate for miles and miles. But many bladers experience sore feet and even blisters for a period of time when they buy new skates.

The good news is that there are quite a few ways to increase the comfort. One of them is to exchange the insole. In this video, Anders talks about how an insole can help you not only to break in your skates but also about how it provides you with comfort on longer trips and even a marathon.

The insoles from Sidas are a great and easy way to improve the comfort in your new skates. Both the Sidas 3Feet soles and the Sidas 3D Gel Insoles are used for creating a better comfort in new skates but are also a must-have for bladers who are skating longer distances.

Footies: A real lifesaver

Friction inside the liner, the “thing” that goes inside the boot, is the nemesis of any skater. This can leave you with some serious blisters and rashes if you’re unlucky. But a pair of footies like the MyFit High Cut Footies can help to reduce the risk.

Footies eliminate any gaps or spaces inside the boot. Furthermore, they form a protective layer between your foot and liner/boot. This will not only reduce the risk of blisters but give you extra support and comfort, no matter if you’re going for a quick stroll or trying to complete a marathon.

At SkatePro you’ll find footies in different lengths: low cut and high cut. The preferable length is depending on the boot of your rollerblades. Furthermore, there are also different thicknesses.

Many bladers use 2mm footies if they have a tight fitting skate and just need some protection against rashes on the shin. There are also 4mm footies if your skate is a little too big, you can even get them with extra padding directly at the ankle like the Ennui ST Footies.

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