What makes Landyachtz so awesome?!

Yes, we got Landyachtz in the house and we are all ecstatic! The grounds for this: the Canadians are not joking when it comes to innovation, eco-friendliness, and highest quality from the wood to the bolts.

Landyachtz has been bringing joy to the riders since 1997 and since then has been a synonym for high-quality boards! No surprise when most of the people behind the company are skaters themselves.

No other longboard ever has won that amount of championships and races as Landyachtz’ iconic Evo downhill board. Up to this date, this is clearly the ‘Champ board’!

But recently, Landyachtz took innovation to another level! With the high-end Hollowtech built, Landyachtz replaces excess tree with pre-cured fiberglass. This makes the boards significantly lighter, and at the same time stronger, more durable and stiffer, which brings beautiful pop!

You can find the Hollowtech construction in several of Landyachtz boards - from the Stratus, super light dancer board to their freestyle/cruise boards, like the Drop Carve.

If you are keener on a smaller and more 'everyday' board, Landyachtz also delivers extra quality with the popular Dinghy series. They are playful, fun, and for the more chilled and unspecialized rider.

To ensure that you get only the best ride from every board, the Canadian brand has also their own wheels (Hawgs) and truck (Bear Trucks) divisions. With this, they bring you top quality from the wood to the nuts and bolts.

To top that up, every board bought from Landyachtz comes with the promise of a planted tree. The 'One board one tree' initiative that the company follows aims at minimizing the production impact on nature.

If you are already as hooked on Landyachtz as we are, then check out our stock with freshly delivered, hot longboards!

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