Ready for SUPtember? Get in the Guinness book of records!

Would you like to be part of a record-breaking city SUP session? Now you have a chance to put your name into the Guinness book with the SUP11 City Tour on 9th September!

City SUPing is a growing trend since it brings the sport closer to the water lovers, who don't need to drive kilometers away from the city to enjoy a sunset SUP session. The guys from SUP11 City Tour just decided to turn it up a notch.

For their 10th anniversary, SUP11 City Tour has decided to challenge the world record for most paddlers at the same time. The current record is for 844 paddlers in Russia and SUP11 City Tour is aiming to gather 1000 SUP lovers in the canals of Leeuwarden, Holland.

You can register for the record attempt and join a 'slightly' different city SUP tour. If you need a board, we got your back. Check out our stock of inflatable SUP boards which are perfect to carry around for record-breaking sessions, for example.

The great thing about these iSUPs is that you can just bring it to the closest canal, lake or river in your city and take a small break from everyday life. Communities of city SUPers are growing and the record attempt organized by SUP11 City Tour is one of the biggest proofs.

So grab the chance to dive into the chilled culture of SUPing and leave your name in the record books. If you need more information, check out the SUP11 City Tour webpage.

And for those of you hungry for more city SUP stories, ideas, tips, and locations - stay tuned. This definitely won't be the last post where we 'dive' into the city canals and lakes for inspiration, seeking the joy of water!

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