A Masters of Real Street to remember

Nothing less than epic! This is the only way to describe the ‘Master Of Real Street’ competition that just took place in Prague. Find out why right here.

A real street event is typically just you and your local homies meeting to blade, compete, and to have fun. And boy did the bladers have a blast this year!

Thanks to the man behind the event, Czech blader and SkatePro team rider Jara Mrstny, Masters Of Real Street in Prague turned into an international event with riders from all over the world joining in.

The biggest skate event for years

The competition took the bladers to four different spots on and around The Stalin Plaza, Prague's most famous skate spot. Jara took things to the next level by installing custom rails at each spot. To top the competition off, he had a crazy 18-meter long custom made kink rail placed at one of the spots: a big staircase leading towards the top of the plaza.

Mix that with some sick prizes and some sweet sunny weather, and you got the biggest rollerblading event to take place in The Czech Republic for years! The Master Of Real Street event attracted bladers such as the legendary Nick Lomax, Sam Crofts, Dano Gorman, and our very own team rider Jacob Juul.

Judging from the video above, the crowd who showed up got a blading experience, that they won’t forget in a long time. Furthermore, there were a lot of kids and young bladers attending the event, which was nice to see, when you think about that the average age of aggressive bladers is quite high these days.

We're already looking forward to next year's Masters Of Real Street in Prague. Until then make sure to watch the recap.

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