Not just a regular 12-year old girl

Last week we spoke about the statistics that girls, during their early age, are less active than the boys. Today, we want you to meet Tilly Clayphon - a girl that does not fit this statistic!

Tilly started blading in 2015 but in August the same year, she met someone who changed her life - Sam Kent from Chicks in Bowls (CIB) immediately inspired Tilly and since then, the young girl has been hooked on rollerskates.

She even remembers the day she rode her first pair of Rio Rollers that she bought with her Christmas money - 31/12/2015. Let's hear it from Tilly!

Why skating though? Many other girls pick dancing, music classes, etc.

I always like doing things that push/scare me a little. I was always standing on my tiptoes to get on roller coasters when I was small. I did music at school and played in a brass band for 3 years until last year, so you can do more than one thing.

Weren't (and aren't) you afraid that you'll fall a lot and hurt yourself?

I have never really been scared of hurting myself, just take it slow while learning the basics. At first, you will fall but always wear a helmet, knees, elbow pads and wrist guards. There is nothing cool about broken bones or cuts!

How did your parents react when you told them you want to skate? Go down ramps and jump around on a pair of wheels on your feet!

I have a younger brother who skateboards and we have a 4-foot mini in the back garden so they were fine with it.

Who is your role model or idol? Who inspires you?

Sam Kent - loads of encouragement and help, so fun to skate with. Samara Papperell - founder of Chicks in Bowls, awesome park skater, queen of roller derby. Sara Hache - so fast, strong and fearless.

Who supports you the most?

My parents - they are awesome!

Do the others (friends, classmates) think it is cool to be a rollerskater?

Yes! especially when I get to try new products and have days off school!

What motivates you and keeps you rolling?

Watching what other people do on Instagram and at meetups, then learning how to do it. You never stop learning! I've only been skating for 2 1/2 years but have already forgotten some of the easy stuff so I had to relearn it.

What is the best about rollerskating for you?

Pushing myself to jump bigger gaps, drop bigger ramps and go faster! Also, skate meetups are ace and the CIB community is so cool.

Are you going to become a famous rollerskater soon?

I just really enjoy skating. It's simply nice when people say 'Hi' at the skate park or follow me on Instagram.

What do you want to tell all the girls your age who are too afraid to get on with an action sport?

Don't be intimidated by what other people think. Skateparks are normally full of boys that are amazed when a girl skates or goes on a scooter/skateboard and most are really friendly.

If you want to try quad skates, check out Chicks In Bowls and find your local chapter. There are over 250 and most have regular meetups, and are really friendly!

It is inspiring to talk with a young girl like Tilly who has so much passion for what she does and proves that girls can do it! That there are no rules or limitation in action sports, you just got to do it. So find a pair of skates and enjoy the freedom!

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