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SUS Rustproof 608 Bearings 4-Pack

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Grab a handy 4-pack of the popular Wicked SUS Rustproof bearings

The Wicked WCD Twincam SUS Rustproof bearings are made to be all-weather compatible. The materials have all been chosen for their resistance to water. This means you get an all year bearing. A great option for roller skiers.

The SUS Rustproof bearings come with a lithium-based grease that has water dispersing capabilities.

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Nice rolling bearings at a decent price, they worked great through 3-4 wet skate sessions before they started to show signs of needing a good cleaning. Have them out for a cleaning right now. Normal bearings get horribly noisy and rusty when they get wet, these seem to be much better at handling the moisture and wet dirt.
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